Prophetic Dreams & Visions III
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This text file representing Dreams and Visions III has presently grown to more than  1,285,820 bytes or
roughly 257,000 thousand words. The Combined three Dreams and Visions web pages make up over one
thousand pages of text.

For more than two years, I have been searching the internet, looking at dreams, visions and prophecies for
America. This is the third web page dedicated solely to this examination. Those quoted in these many dreams
range from  pentecostal to catholic and even a question mark or two. There is also a file on Muslims
encountering Christ in dreams. There are many threads of connectivity within these dreams and visions. For
example one can find several ( On the three web pages ) references to white horses correlating to Christ's
Second Coming. Perhaps one of the most common warnings found is that of America being attacked by
Russia and China. And one continues to find many rapture dreams suggesting that Christ will return soon.

It is my considered opinion that this world is rapidly moving toward a period  unparalleled in human history.
These coming events the bible refers to as the end times, tribulation, rapture, Armageddon,  Second Coming,
etc. I pray that each person that reads this knows the Lord Jesus Christ as their personal savior. It is a
time that all the saints of history have longed to witness ( the return of our Lord in glory ).
Please if you have any question about your salvation
click here.

Do we know that all these voices are from God? Of course not, But to ignore the accumulative data that is
available is to stick one's head in the proverbial sand. There are simply to many voices echoing the same
essential message to turn away and ignore. This does not mean that we do not question the validity of such
things, but rather we test everything by the word and anything that violates scripture should be disregarded.

The following  Scripture and supporting poem is appropriate for the subject at hand.
                                             Intro-Ordinary People

I think it is very significant that many ordinary folks are having dreams of rapture, second coming,
apocalyptic, etc. I have decided to begin including some of these dreams that I have found on the net into this
section called Ordinary People. Since there are so many ( to get permission) I have decided to go ahead and
post these dreams, visions without giving Identities unless of course permission is given. Over time names  
may or may not be added.

I have found these dreams/visions significant, inspiring and at times a warning. I pray that they will be
beneficial to the body at large and  a wake up call to nominal Christians. Time is short, after reading these
many dreams if you don't know Jesus please
click here.

Please email me any dreams or visions relating to Jesus's coming, rapture, judgement, tribulation, etc. that
you feel the Lord would have you make public and whether you wish your name and email included in the
post. I will continue adding a selection as long as the lord leads.

* After name indicates latest updated dream/vision


Terry Presgrove

Ordinary People

Justin *
19 Aug 2002
Last Night I had a very strange and disturbing dream. I was at my church and I guess it had been set up as a
relief center. In the hall way, two people were laying on cots and had been infected with anthrax. Then a man
came rushing into our main office shouting, "Call the CDC. I think I have smallpox." Just then two men
came walking in wearing suits saying, "we'll have to quarintine the warehouse this man was in."
Before I
heard what they were going to do with the church, I woke up and felt sick to my stomach.

The United States Ablaze
Lourdes *
Around 1980
I became a born-again Christian in 1978, at age 15. Not long afterward (between age of 16 and 17) I had a
eerie dream that I have never forgotten and was so real, that I don't take it lightly to speak of it.
But in my dream, I was in the car driving through neighborhood in broad daylight with my mother as a
passenger. For some reason, I had gotten upset. Suddenly the sky became pitch black. Then, as if the car had
no roof, I saw the sky above me and the continental United States blazing with intense fire. It was only the U.
S. I didn't see Mexico or Canada.
That's all I remember. I woke up afraid that what I had dreamed was true or would someday be true.

Paul Wilson *
Jan 2nd or 3rd of 2001
I had a dream today about the beginnings of WWIII. Me and my mom were watching CNN but it was like we
were there it was like being on a holodeck for those of you familiar with Star Trek. It was in Iraq, it was
night time but I know the tanks were in desert camouflage and the reports mentioned that they
( meaning the Iraqis) have begun firing on reporters and that WWIII was imminent.

Iraq Strikes Israel
Unknown *
4 Feb 2003
I had a dream last night were I was watching TBN. This dream was so real. On TBN , I believe it was Praise
the Lord, someone was saying how this war would change the world, and God told him that Israel would be
involved with this Iraq war. He also said that God told him that Iraq would strike Israel...

Lorraine *
First let me start by saying I have not ever read the bible and really do not know why I keep having these
dreams about people on
horses coming out of the clouds!! From what people have told me it means the end of
the world and so forth.
The dream i had last night there were only two people and one was a woman. The sky
always turns
yellow in my dreams and then clouds begin to form, and from the clouds come the people on

Coming Judgment on America!
Ann *
About eight years ago I had a night vision. A wall in my bedroom lit up like a movie theater, and a dark-
cloaked shadow appeared in my doorway. The shadow pointed at the wall and said, "Look, son of man, and
listen to what I am going to tell you." I was not scared of the shadow realizing that he meant me no harm,
just wanted my attention.

On the wall appeared first and up above the rest of the vision the Chinese flag and the Russian sickle, the
hammer, that is in the Russian flag was over the head of the Eagle which was at the bottom of the screen.
The hammer-type object was beating the Eagle to death, feathers were going everywhere. I reached up and
caught a feather. Realizing that this represented America, I began to feel death in my spirit.

I started to cry to the Lord and begged Him to remember His promise to us that if My people which are called
by My Name will humble themselves and pray and seek My face, then I will heal their land. The shadow
spoke at this point and said, "Not this time child. Tell my children I love them, but these things too shall
come to pass."

I cried so hard and begged continually with great concern. The shadow said. "Child, please hear what I am
saying. These things where written long before time began, and they must come to pass soon. Please tell my
Children that I love them, they will not understand. They will not see it coming. Tell my Children that I love

These Are The Missiles Of October!
Larry *
Early 1980's
Thought I would relate a dream to you I had in the early 1980's. I had been in prayer for about a week and on
the last day of my prayer fast, I became very sleepy. So sleepy, that I couldn't keep my head up. I struggled
against sleep as I was trying to hear the Lord. I lay back on the bed for a minute, but as soon as my head hit
the bed I was asleep. I immediately had a dream.

DREAM: In the dream I saw a long line of missile silos. I had the knowledge in the dream that these were
missiles no one ever thought would be fired! I could not tell who the missiles belonged to. As the dream
progressed, I saw the missiles begin to fire and lift out of their silos. I noted that not all the missiles were
fired, but only a certain number were fired. I saw the missiles fired, go up into the sky and reach a peak;
then start to arch and fall back towards the earth, towards its target. I did not see who or what the target was
but as the missiles began to fall towards their targets, I heard in my dream what sounded like a loud audible
This voice woke me up fully awake and I sat up with a start! I still remember in vivid detail the dream of the
Missiles and the voice that declared they were of October.
(No year was given)

Well, Octobers have come and gone many times since I had the dream and the world politics have carried on
their plans. I pray this dream never happens, but only the Lord really knows.

Neil Lipken
November 2001
In the middle of the night about 4:30 AM on Nov. 20th, 2001, my wife was downstairs in our home leaving the
kitchen when suddenly she heard a very clear voice say to her,
"It's just about time". She had just turned
the light off in the kitchen and was coming through the living room when it happened. She looked all around,
but no one was there
(the experience was quite real to her), and immediately ran upstairs and woke me to
tell me what happened. The interesting thing is that she is really not very interested in end time prophecy.
She knows that the Lord is coming back someday, but it just does not intrigue her very much.

July 2002
Early in the morning on July 22nd (this year) I had a very vivid dream. I was teaching at a church
(as I often am) when the pastor stopped me and told me that a woman was there at the church, and that she
was going to give us a "demonstration on how near the Rapture now is". I yielded the pulpit to her
immediately. She brought up a sphere about 1 1/2 feet in diameter, and she called it a "biosphere". The
bottom half had dirt in it with miniature houses and trees, and the top half was "atmosphere". The sphere
itself looked like clear plastic. She then brought out a long electrical wire and plugged one end into the wall
socket. On the other end were two copper tips
(which were live), and she proceeded at once to place the live
copper tips into the atmosphere of the biosphere. The atmosphere ignited instantly. She then told everyone in
the church that the amount of time now remaining till the Rapture is the same amount of time that it took
for the current to jump from the copper tips and ignite the atmosphere of the biosphere.
I then woke up.
Yours in the Most High,

Neil Lipken

A Dream Sequence
Feast Preparation

May 2002
Last night (Monday) I was fascinated by a dream that Perry Stone was relating to David Curillo on his
program that his 86 yr. old grandmother, who is in the hospital had. His grandfather had died about 5 years
ago. In her dream his grandfather said to her
"Lucy,come I want to show you something".(She said it was so
real. She looked and as far as she could see..North, South, East and West....were long tables with the whitest
tablecloths on them).
"We"ve been working hard up here, preparing for the Marriage Feast of the Lamb" he
said.."Look..people are gonna start coming in'...(people that had died in Christ were checking out the tables
to see where they and their families are gonna sit). Then he said.." See that middle table, that is reserved for
our family".
(Some people were already sitting at some of the tables.)
Then she woke up.

In my dream in May of this year...I had just gotten off a school bus and found myself standing on a very long
line beside a brick building that looked like some kind of a town hall. The day was very bright. I asked a kind
looking lady standing next to me why we were on line? She replied.."For food". As the line began to move I
saw up ahead that the line was turning at the corner. When I got there immense field was before me
with the most beautiful carpeting of silky green grass... in an intense color of green that I had never seen
before. In the field were long tables with the whitest tablecloths that seemed to glow. There were too many
tables to count. I glanced at one of the tables and saw my mother, my brother and my grandmother who had
passed on in 1968. They were all so happy and so young! They appeared to be waiting for someone or
something to happen. In the distance at the end of this huge field was a truck loading hay. A sign of the
........... These two dreams may be coincidental but I would prefer to think that the Lord wants us to
know that everything is in readiness for the Marriage Feast of the Lamb!!! The Harvest is about to happen.
God Bless You All

Nuclear Dream
June/July, 2001.

I am a single mom, and I dreamed that my two children and I were at the beach near our home in the
Norfolk, Virginia area. On this beautiful day the beach was crowded with people laying in the sand and
playing in the water. All of a sudden, I heard a loud rushing noise coming from the North. I looked up and
saw a huge mushroom cloud racing toward us. People were screaming and crying and running all around us.
My two children ran to me screaming and crying too. I grabbed them both, we dropped to the ground, huddled
closely together and I told them that we had to ask Jesus to forgive us of all our sins. We held onto each
other tightly as I prayed and the explosion screamed closer. Both kids were crying. I held my kids and told
them that in just a second we were going to be with Jesus. I was so calm! I told them everything was going to
be okay because we were going to see Jesus in just a second.
(Let me stop for a second and tell you that I am
usually a big scaredy cat! I am not one of these super brave hero type moms... my absolute peace and
calmness in this dream surprises me.)
As the flames rushed closer, I told my kids to close their eyes, and
within a few seconds we could not hear anything around us because of the deafening explosion. Warm/hot air
and sand beat against us. We held each other tightly and I thought we would be dead in an instant. After
what seemed like a few seconds, it stopped. It was calm again. We opened our eyes, and everything around us
-- including the people -- was gone. But we were fine. We were so amazed! Not even a hair on our head was
burned. We kept lifting up our arms to our noses to see if we could smell the smoke on us, but we didn't
smell like smoke at all.
I think the Lord blessed me with this dream so that I would not worry about what will happen to us.
Whatever happens in the future, He will take care of us and protect us. Even if we die, He will give us peace.
At least that's what I got out of the dream.

Larry B.
I would like to tell you about a vision that I had about six months ago. About six months ago I had a very
strong vision. Four in all, that lasted over four nights. First let me tell you a little about myself. I am 46 yrs.
old, didn't know God and, was not looking to know God. I was just going about my life. Never read the Bible.
Didn't go to church. Like I said, I was just minding my own business.
One night while I was at work (I work
I started having very vivid visions. The visions were very horrible. Fire and destruction on
earth. People were screaming and sliding into a fiery pit with looks of horror on their faces. Every night the
visions were of different things like this...none of them looked good.
I thought that I was losing my mind. I
really believed that I was going crazy.
I called out and asked what is happening to me! A voice said "Just
watch" "Take notice".
I was quite upset as you can imagine. I knew that this was coming from God. I don't
know how, I just knew.
On the fourth night, I just watched. I asked why are you showing this to me? I could
hear a voice. Not with my ears, but in the front of my forehead. Clear as day. It said that I have been chosen
by God to do a job. I asked ,what job? I was told that I was to lead people to a safe place for the end of times.
I asked what people and what is the end of times. I had no idea. The people were shown to me and the place
was shown also. I was told that i will be shown. I asked why? It was said that the things that I have been
shown are what is to come. The people, I will keep safe until the time for them to come out is safe and I
would know the time. I asked why I did not see my wife and girl with the people? It said, they will be taken
up.  I asked, what am I seeing? I was told to read Revelation in the Bible.

Now it gets really strange.

I was really upset and thinking that I had gone mad. Walking around talking to myself I said out loud, God if
this is true and this is from you then I need to be shown!
"I didn't know that I was not suppose to do this"! I
started to ask to see things but, I didn't know what to ask to see.
First I said, I want to see a bird fly at night,
then I said that I want to see a halo around the moon
(it was a clear night with no halo), then I said that I
want to see a meteor when I walk outside.
I watch the night sky allot and sometimes I go days without seeing
a meteor. I said that when I walk outside, I am not going to look up, and when I do, I want to see it then.
Thinking about what I had asked to see, I felt foolish. I thought that these things could happen at any time.

So I asked to be given a cross. In my hand, so I have no doubt. I then walked outside, holding my head down
so not to see the sky. I said when I lift my head, if i see a meteor I will know that it is from you "God". I
looked up and at that exact time a meteor that lit the ground shot from one horizon to the other. My heart
seemed to stop! I ran inside and tried to calm myself. After a few minuets a loud bang came from the window.
I thought that someone was playing a joke on me. I crept outside and looked around the corner of the
building. No one was there. I looked all over the place. No one! Just before I went in I looked up and an owl
was sitting just over my head on a peace of iron. He took to the air and I watched him fly. He crossed the
moon and a halo was around the moon. I could not believe my eyes. In ten min. 3 of the 4 things that I asked
to see, "I saw".

I was a wreck. When I went home and went to bed I set my glasses on the stand next to the bed as I always
do and, went to sleep. I woke in about an hour
(I never wake that soon) reached for my glasses an froze. A
cross was setting with them. No one else was in the house and I didn't know of any cross's in the house. I
received the fourth thing that I had asked for.
Now I have no doubt that God has given me my instructions. I
know what I am to do.

"It gets more unbelievable".
I prayed that my wife would know God. The next night I walked into the
bedroom when she was going to bed and she was reading a Bible.
"I didn't know that we had one". I asked
her why she was reading it? She said that she didn't know. She said that she just got it and started to read.
My girl started asking questions about the Lord. This has never happened in my house. I sat on the bed with
my wife and said "you want to see something cool?" she asked what? I handed her the Bible and told her to
open to the book of Revelation. When she opened it I said read to yourself. I started to quote it out loud as
she read. We went through the hole thing . I had never read it before then.

She is the only one that I have told about what had happened to me. "Until now". More visions have come to
me since that first time and, "I know" that what he has told me is true. I don't question it now. They
come often and, are more clear every day.


I was at a country fair in a large field. There were white tents all around, and in each tent was a different
form of entertainment. I went to the country-music tent to see George Strait
(isn't that a hoot?), and after
his performance I went backstage to visit with him. My mom and dad were there with me, and also my
husband and two small children. The air was festive and jolly; we were milling about chatting with other fair-
goers when suddenly there was a loud rumble and the ground began to shake. We ran outside to see the road
split open. The ground continued to shake and the rumble turned into a roar. I felt myself being lifted off the
ground and pulled toward the sky. I called out "Mom!?!" but I couldn't turn around to see if any of my family
was coming with me. As I was pulled upwards, I saw the clouds part and sunbeams shine down, and I began to
shout, "Thank you Jesus! Praise God in Heaven!"
I woke up with these words on my lips, tingling from head to toe thinking, "Wow!"

Date: 1980's-1990's

I too have had (two) rapture dreams. The first was in the late 1980's, the second in the early 90's. First
I was at a family gathering when my sister came in. She told us she came by a cemetary at a small
country church and many of the graves were opened and the bodies were gone. The scene changed at that
point, then I saw a town where people were screaming, crying and trying to go in the rapture, some were even
jumping off buildings thinking they would go. They could see their loved ones going and they were not. The
scene changed again and I was looking out over a far reaching landscape, and could see many miles in all
directions. There were mountains, valleys, towns and cities situated here and there in this picure. There was
this great white light in the upper right corner of the sky and streams of people coming up to this light from
the towns and cities.Then I saw a hand write across the sky, " The harvest is plenteous, but my laborers are
End of dream.

Second dream: There was a huge container as big as a very large mountain. It was made of huge iron plates
and had steel straps around it holding it together. Over the top of those plates I could see ashes with little
wispies of smoke coming up here and there. There was a wide road leading up to this place, and it went up the
side to the top. I saw a ledge on the side of this place about half way down on the South side. Myself and a
group of people were on this ledge looking on in horror as many wrecked vehicles were driving up to this
place. In my dreams, the vehicle always represents lives and the condition of the vehicle shows the spiritual
condition. As the vehicle got up close to this awful place, the wide road acted like a conveyer belt, pulled them
on to the top and just dumped them in. At that point, I knew it was time to go. I said, "It is time to go." Then
what looked similar to a childs slide appeared at the side of the ledge and we could not see the other end of it
as it went way off in the distance. We began to get onto the slide and it whooshed us very far away. We were
then in a very beautiful and peaceful place. We then heard a huge explosion, so loud it shook the heavens.
We knew something terrible happened back on the earth.
End of dream.

July 19, 2002

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