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This is Newt's  Dam. Newt is the center landseer ( black and white pup).
Description: The Newfoundland is an exceptionally patient dog who is fits into any type of
household. He is a large and beautiful breed who rarely has a bad tempered unless provoked. Known
for his love and ability to swim he has been known to rescue drowning victims. As with any giant
breed his owner will require vigilance in his raising and caring for the Newfoundland, in return he will
gives his complete devotion and constant protection.
Height: Average 28 inches
Weight: 120 -150 lbs.
Colors: Black, brown, gray, or Landseer (black head with black markings on a white ground).
Coat: Flat, dense, and coarse textured double coat; oily and water resistant. Outer coat moderately
long, straight or slightly wavy.
Temperament: Responsive, docile
With Children: Good with small children, provides a wonderful companion for growing active children
With Pets: Yes
Special Skills: Originally a fisherman's dog, now a family pet.
Watch-dog: High
Care and Exercise: Daily brushing of his thick double coat with a hard brush. Shedding of the
undercoat is twice a year. Avoid bathing unless necessary as it will strip away his natural coat's oils.
Instead use dry shampoo. He needs regular, moderate exercise even though he would love to laze
around. Loves to swim he should be given the opportunity whenever is possible.
Training: A calm and balanced manner is needed as he is a very sensitive breed who will listen to the
tone of your voice.
Learning Rate: High, Obedience - High, Problem Solving - High
Activity: Outdoors - High, Indoors - Low
Health Issues: Hip dysplasia, genetic heart conditions.
Life Span: 10 Years
Litter Size: 8 - 10
Country of Origin: Canada
History: One of the few native North American breeds he comes from Newfoundland Island in
Canada, where he was said to have first arrived with the British and French fisherman who reach
these North Atlantic shores. His ancestors may have included the Great Pyrenees and Tibetan Mastiff.
He was bred by the early settlers to pull sleds, hunt and guard. He adapted to the rugged conditions of
Newfoundland by developing webbed feet and an oily coat which allows him to remain in the water for
long periods of time. Today he is popular as a household pet throughout Europe and North America.
First Registered by the AKC: 1886
AKC Group: Working
Class: Working
Four weeks old
Five weeks old
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My grandson (Ethan) 2 1/2 and Newt 12 weeks
           Christmas 2002
My nieces Chole front- left;Delaney back and Jade kneeling Christmas 2002
Jade and Newt-12 weeks
Another Christmas pic with Ethan
My Stuff:
                    Newt's Growth Chart
                     (Black and White Printable Version)

Age        Weight                Height            *Nose-tail                  Head                 Neck             Chest
          (Pounds)              (shld.)
5 weeks ...  12
6 weeks ...  14                      
7 weeks ...  16 3/4
8 weeks ...  20                  13 1/2"             34"                       13 1/2"            11 1/2"           19"  
2 months ...22 1/2               -----                 ----                           ----                      ----               ----
10 weeks ...27                  16 1/2"              38"                        15"                 12 1/2"       21 1/2"
11 weeks ...31                   17"                   39"                       16 1/2              13 1/2"       22 3/4"
12 weeks ...35                   18"                   41"                       17"                  14"             24 1/2"
3 months ...39 1/2              18 1/2"             43"                       17"                  14 1/2"       25"
4 months ...60                    22 1/2"             51"                      18 1/2"             17 1/2"        281/2"   
5 months ...75                    25"                   58"                      20 1/2"             20"              31 1/2"
6 months ...90                     27"                  63"                      22 1/2"             22 1/2"        33 1/2"
7 months ...100                   28"                  65"                      24"                   24 1/4"         35"  
8 months ...106                   29"                  65"                      24 1/2"              26"               36"
9 months..  109                   29 1/2"            66"                      24 1/2 "            26"               36 1/2"
1 Year ....   120                   30 1/2"            66"                      26 "                  26 1/2"          37"
18 months..130                   31"                  68"                      27"                   26"            **40"?
2 Years .... 135                   31.75"              68"                      26.75"              26"                38"
3 Years

*Tip of nose to tip of tail bone
** Note : It is obvious that this measurement was not correct. Which goes to show that even
experienced handlers can take a bad measurement. The long hair on the Newt probably      
causes the  error. Makes sure to pull the tape snug on this measurement and double check
that the tape line is perpendicular to the ground, if the Newf is standing.
Newfoundland Dog

No, this isn't a black and
white Saint Bernard.  The
(Landseer) Newfoundland
dog of today is known to
be exceedingly gentle with
kids, eager to work with
and for its people, and in
general considered to be
one of the"Gentle Giants"
of the larger  breeds.
Newt is my compadre, he actually thinks he is a person. Can you imagine that?

Newt's Data

Date of Birth: 10/04/02
Sex: Male
Sire: Mickey Maul
AKC  DNA: #V221359
Breeder: Susan Mcfarland
Dam: Susan's Ginger Snap
Weight: 135 IBS.
Age: Two Years Old
Height: 31.75"
Shadow at 9 Months
            Newfoundland Growth Chart
             Black and White Printable Version of All Charts

I was able to locate three Newfie growth charts on the internet, which I have included below.-TP

Growth chart for male Newfies

Chart #1
At 1 month..11 pounds
at 2 months ..22 pounds
at 3 months..40 pounds
at 4 months ..64 pounds
at 5 months..79 pounds
at 6 months ..88 pounds
at 7 months ..101 pounds
at 8 months ..108 pounds
at 9 months ..112 pounds
at 10 months 115 pounds
at 11 months 117 pounds
at 12 months ..119 pounds

one month 4-9 pounds
two months: 10-20 pounds
three months: 25-35 pounds
four months: 35-55 pounds
five months: 45-60 pounds
(these are averages with bitches being on the lower end of the scale and males on the upper end.)

Chart#3                {Two Newfoundland Females}

       Height at Shoulders                                            Weight
                  inches                                                           lbs.

W=Weeks           A               B                                               A               

7W                     8.75            9                                              9.8            10.4  
8W                     10.5            11                                            11.5           12
9W                     11               12.5                                         13.6           13.6
10W                   14               14                                            16.2           16.2
11 W                  15               14.75                                       18.8           18.2
12 W                  16               16                                            21.8           20.5
13 W                  17               17                                            25.2           23.6
14 W                  17.5            17.5                                         28.6           26.4
15 W                  18               18                                            30.6           28
16 W                  18.5            18.5                                         31.6           30
17W                   19               19                                            33.4           30.8
18 W                  20.5            20                                            37.2           33.8
19 W                  21               21.5                                         41.6           36.8
20 W                  21.5            21.5                                         46              39
21 W                  22               22                                           48.8            42
22 W                  22               22                                           52.4            45.2
23 W                  22               22                                           55.6            47.6
24 W                  24               23                                           59               50
25W                   24               23                                           60.4            53.8
26W                   24               23                                           63.6            57.2
28W                   25               24                                           70.2            61.8
8.5 M                 28               27.5                                         89              79
11 M                  28               27.5                                         98               92
12 M                  29               28                                           100              99
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Newt's Pal - Terry Presgrove
12 Months old
Six week old pics - Thanks!  - Larry and Sharon Presgrove
6 months old
Newt begging to go on a Harley ride
             Sir Newt of Oklahoma - at 18 months old
12 month old Newt and Larry
9 months old
18 months old Newt
Larry and Sharon Presgrove
Newt's pedigree is laced with champions, but even more impressive
is his intelligence and wonderful disposition.
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~ Sir Newt ~

He dances like a sheet afloat
Soaring with prances in the wind
And romances a shimmering coat
Receiving glances that have sinned

He is a black and white tease
In an Oklahoma breeze
The typical flowing gait
Which is the standard Newfie trait

He loves to run, jump
And roll in the dirt
There is never a thought to hurt
And all the ladies gather to flirt

His second nature is to swim
Adores doing things on a whim
Like fetch the ball
And come when I call

He relishes in long walks
Where sometimes we talk
And when I open the hatchback
He will never balk

With his head out the window
Newt is the center of attention
In him there is no pretension
He takes joy to another dimension

And I would be remiss
Not to mention the parti pris
About slinging slobber kisses
To even those he misses

He can shake hands
With either hand on command
And never makes a demand
Except snackers from my hand

At times, he is a couch  potato
Dream 'n about a red hot tomato
But mostly, he's a trusted friend
Someone, I can truly depend

His favorite game
Is Tug of War
And each new day
We struggle at the chore

The truth is, I can be a bore
But he is loyal to the core
And we have a great rapport
Because he never keeps score

Terry Scott Presgrove
All Rights Reserved

See: Flesh and Blood Poetry Page
All rights reserved
Shadow's Story

I just returned from a 2200 mile whirl wind trip to north of Appleton Wisconsin.

Newt, now, has a girl friend. Her name is Shadow. She is a nine months old black Newf and quite the

Exhausted and Still can't believe that I just did this. I left Duncan, Oklahoma on Tuesday at 7 PM and
rolled into Appleton at 12:30 PM Wednesday afternoon. At 1 PM, Shadow and I left for home and we
got in at 6:45 AM this morning (Thursday). I collapsed in the bed with my glasses on and woke up just in
time to get my taxes and take them to the post office before they closed at 4:30.

I must feel something like Woodrow in Lonesome Dove; when he took Gus's body from Montana to
At least, that is the closest thing, I can think, to compare at the moment. I think I am thinking.......
                 Shadow's Growth Rate

                                    (Black and White Printable Version)

Age          Weight          Height        *Nose-tail         Head             Neck            Chest
9M              89                26.5"              60.5"             21"                21"               32.5"
10M            94
1Y               98                26.75"            62"                21"                21"               33"
18 M           112
2Y               115              27.5"              63"                23"                21"               34.5"

*Tip of nose to tip of tail bone
                   The Landseer Story

In the description of the painting by F. G. Stephens in his book written in 1874 entitled The Memoirs of
Sir Edwin Landseer states:
The year 1838 was remarkable in the annals of the art of Landseer, for in the Exhibition of that year we
encountered the noble picture, one of the finest of Landseer's works. "A Distinguished Member of the
Humane Society"-the large white Newfoundland dog, with a black head and white muzzle, reclining of
the last stone of a sea-side quay, while the summer ripples slowly rise and fall at the sea-wall, where the
big mooring ring just catches the lapsing wavelet as it runs along the stone. The dog is one of the most
wonderful representations of a member of his race, which Art has produced.

This is the most significant painting in the history of our breed of dog. The Landseer Newfoundland was
named for this artist and because of this painting. This breed owes much to the realism of Sir Edwin
Landseer's canvasses. Like the Newfoundland (that they are), the Landseer was bred to aide the
fisherman on the shores of the island of Newfoundland. The dog's ancestor is the Greater St. John's
Dog. This dog was the larger of the two types of St. John's Dogs that were the first stage of the
breed.The dogs are natural rescue dogs and are greatly drawn to the water.

The Newfoundland Landseer is a strong, faithful and beautiful dog. They need as much time in the water
as you can allow. Height - 26 to 31 1/2 inches (66 to 80 cm). Weight - 110 to 150 pounds (50 to 68
kg). Coat type - black and white particolored, dense, flat and double, and of course, waterproof.
Sir Edwin Landseer's famous Painting
18 Months old
Shadow's Picture Links
My name is Terry Presgrove and I live in Oklahoma. This page is dedicated to Sir Newt the
New-foundland  and friends. There is a pictorial history beginning at 2-3 weeks old, and growth
rate charts for Newt, Shadow and other Newfs found on the net. This page is also dedicated to
collecting Newfound-land growth rate data.
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