Eschatology and
Theology in Poetry
Terry  Presgrove
"Apart from the Scriptures - we have no sure phi-
losophy; apart from Jesus Christ - we have no true
knowledge of God; apart from the inliving Spirit - we
have no ability to live lives morally pleasing to God!

copyright© 2002 - 2012
Terry  Presgrove
All Rights Reserved
Focusing on these
last days and the
fundamental tenets
of our faith through
the vehicle of  poetry.
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Beans And Rice Again?

The wind was to our back, Jesus Christ reigned,
and strangers waved, as they passed on the lane.
We did our ABC's in a three room school house;
people seemed to really care, charity was a fre-
quent dare, and Sundays were an all day affair:
Morning, noon and night the Word was shared.
There were tent revivals in summer time, which
kept the fans busy, and nobody misunderstood
when the preaching was on sin. But the Times
said: God is dead, and moral relativism set in.

We ate beans and rice one year for nine months,
they call that a recession these days, but we all
made it through just fine. TV was the craze, a-
dored those Three Stooges, the Little Rascals,
Spanky and Alfalfa. Sister tattletaled often, and
learned a hard lesson; spankings galore, deserv-
ed and needed more. Mom and dad quarreled
often, but they stuck it out through hard times,
and you didn't have to worry about there being
many crimes. Life was good, there was no need
for a legal finding, as a man's word was binding.

Then the Jones moved next door, the priorities
changed, even mom went to chore; we all want-
ed more, a piece of the pie, the American dream,
but what fantasy was that? When men put wo-
men to toil outside the home, the family nucleus
began to unravel, with latchkey kids left alone to
their own devise. Did the material things become
our god, or where did we really go poor? Don't
get me wrong, generations need modulation, but
the pendulum swinging beyond the blue-yonder?

Longing for the much simpler black and white;
not the overwhelming gray that we see today,
but humanity has evolved, godlike commission,
there's talk of a new creation, with prosperous
motives, not to mention weapons of mass de-
struction. But some things are exceptional: folks
flying planes into towers, killing distant neigh-
bors by the thousands; MAD seemed to lurk,
but a new paradigm is manifestly in the works.

There are many faiths called the great religions,
but whatever happened to Jesus? God Bless
America is in vogue, all the fashion, but there
is confusion on authorization. Prayer is judicial
in the sanctuary or the drawer, but Christ is
offensive to the media crisscrossing. Maybe
time has past me by, but I don't like this new
god, devised by the politically correct, hallow-
ed ground crowd; longing for the former things,
hard times ahead, maybe beans and rice again?
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The Gospel Fulfilled

The albatross, at last, is strangled;.
No longer is the Body entangled.
Rising like a hot air balloon,
Lighter than a sniffed whiff,
Spiraling free of gravity's cocoon,
Far above any earthly cliff;
Agape's breeze blows,
Carrying God's promised gift;
Liberating the bursting alive inside,
Creating Joy beyond proportion,
And a smile that is miles-wide,
Licking the trickling final-tear
As rejoicing reaches high tide,
Eradicating all the old fear -
The former life waves goodbye!

Endorphins bind to opiate receptors,
Goose bumps doing handstands
Become electrical connectors;
Liberated thoughts dance in soaring flight,
As the mast fills with gusting breaths of life.
Saved hands are raised high;
The blind man now sees,
A plain young women's beauty exceeds;
The prophetic crystalline sea is achieved,
Superluminal thinking -  unleashed.
A celestial trumpet loudly blasts;
Angelic tunes open heaven's gates
Where  countless paragons are singing,
And the Gospel fulfilled - reverberates
Throughout every cell of being!
Black and White

Shades of gray, not black or white, varying
degrees of clouded light; remembering when
a spade was called a spade, a candy bar cost
a dime, and bright white would hurt your eyes.
The thin ashen line was rarely perceived,
even less deceived, but today clarity changes
to a vapor like a sheet of burning paper.
The diverse creed jades, that way "in Jesus
name"can be blamed. The enlightened say
black and white thinking, as if it was simple
mindedness to relate such things to basic
precepts of synthesis. But nothing else is
felonious; all Christian concerns evanesce to a
dull skew, i.e. " if it feels good do it, eat drink
and be merry for tomorrow we die, who cares
what happens between two consenting adults,"
are merely tokens of the philosophy that has
seized this apostate country.

Modern man is so smart that he sees through
sound thinking, and widens the dreary from sea
to shining sea. Look what we have achieved!
See how our kids are better educated, how much
safer the schools, stabler the family core, securer
the fabric of society; no opium of the masses here.
Elevated to the plateau of the new god's imagin-
ation, "there are no moral imperatives,"
such human brilliance has brought western
civilized man to the pinnacle of godlike imaginary
capabilities. The smarter the dude the more likely
to undo what a child can conclude. Fool heartiness,
chest thumping, throne lusting, ego seducing,
is there any guessing as to who gives last rights
to the natural progression of such a disposition?

They laugh at the decade of the 50's, but I don't
recall mass executions, kids going bonkers,
moms and dads rolling the dice with their
children's lives. The 60's brought the sexual
revolution, men putting women to task,
and today even children get to vote in this time
out. Adultery is on a massive scale, there's no
one that can deny that tale. America ate the fruit,
the Jones scam worked. Sure the pendent needs
to move, but gee whiz to the moon? After all,
who are we to assume or challenge the
mass media boom?

Everything is fine, anything goes, unless you
actually believe in Christ, then you get the ice.
Everybody is out of the closet these days,
except the assembly with the fish sign. Each time
we stick our head out and try to take a stand, or
even quote a bible verse, get ready for the media-
elite slam. They will chew you up and spit you out,
just like they did the pro-life fans. They changed the
movement name to anti-abortion, smart foes the
newsman, they know how to play the game, turn
thinking in on it's head, upside down. Ever notice
how the pro-choice clan is always postured in the
most emotionally positive plight, while the anti-
abortion folks are cast into darkness of night, cruel
hearted and uncaring; talk about slanting the news!
Those media persons know how to frame their
argument, pretending to be impartial, isn't that a
laugh? Dan Rather taught us that. They twisted
protesters into fanatical, fringe, imbecilic-nuts,
no surprise that Christians withdrew into their
private huts.

Who else has their finger on the trigger of public
opinion, but the guardians, the protectors of the
new found faith, that is built on the proposition
that all belief systems are created equal and have
certain inalienable rights, as long as they follow
the media and enlightened elite's politically correct
dogma, which honors the pagan commandment, "
thou shall not nothing," unless of course, the not,
somehow, violates the mathematical impossibility
of the nothing becoming some form or fantasy,
thereby offending any living entity, or oddity in
our galaxy; except of course for the exclusionary
Christian rule, which when applied, nullifies the
preceding not nothing exception. The logical
natural conclusion leads us to a time when we have
implanted electronic legal diversity chaplains,
which will beep a warning at first, then fining us,
automatically debiting our accounts for violations
of the universal "thou shalt not nothing code."

The prophets of the news waves set up straw
men, so to tear the person of faith down and
crush us to the ground. We sit and watch, ignor-
antly unaware, in la la land, the frog gradually
brought to a boil; assisted suicide by striking
the mark on our own heart. Whose heads are in
the sand of the plot at hand? We have clearly lost
the pre-birth battle, claiming dementia, because
we surrendered the morally high ground to the
politically correct crowd within the public
arena of ideas.

In Solomon's day, the watered down diversity of
many faiths would eventually bring the temple
tumbling down. Even great leaders can be blinded,
so too our nation is a teetering house of moral
chaos on the brink of destruction. Led by
a group of highly educated, political motivated,
men and women in government, institutions of
higher learning, the news media and Hollywood.
They preach from their bully pulpit daily on
diversity and equality, except for that segment of
Christianity which believes that Jesus Christ is the
"only way." We are dangerous bible thumpers,
literalist, living in the dark ages, black and white
thinkers who must be ridiculed in the public arena
of ideas. Why do they hate us so do you know?

Politically correct diversity is king,
it's not important what you believe,
proclaim the powers that be.
They laugh at the red letter notion,
causing a judicial commotion;
Ignorantly blinded by self-deluded plight,
chipping away at our precious rights,
the traditional believers light.
But reality discerns, the truth bursts through,
shaken loose from the deceiver's bag:
Anything goes, your OK, I'm OK,
no virtuous references for man to quarrel,
but what we the people determine for ourselves
is now the ironic moral rudder for each to follow.
Oxymoronic assinine reasoning is reigning.

Deep down in the psyche of us all, is the sobering
realization that the sum total of every ticking heart
that has ever strummed the beat, knows in the
rhythm of its very essence that we all fall short of
the mark. In fact the glaring historical evidence
demands that we are guilty of not always following
that which we know to be right by our own self
absorbing standards. So if we are not to be trusted
for such authorization, then why in the name of
integrity and truth telling do we lie to ourselves on
such a mass scale?

We love our land, the people and the reflection of
freedom, the remnant in the churches yearning to
see the pouring rain, but will the bridge burning
prevent our joining the great out-pouring? Will we
remain blinded in the trickster's maze and find in
independence our decay or will we rise from
narcissistic self indulgent enterprise, chain our
souls to Him, cry out the great confession and rise
to heights beyond the creature, far above the ether?
1Co 2:9 But, as it is
written, "What no
eye has seen, nor ear
heard, nor the heart
of man conceived,
what God has pre-
pared for those who
love him,"

Within the rows, two songs, a panned prayer,
and pass the offering plate has become
sacro-sanct. Also the lyrics better be in the
hymnal or else thetraditional sectarian that is
glued to the pew will review. Sadly, many
churches put God into an eighteenth century
communication box, and it is failing miserably
to reach the twenty first century lost.

The essential truths of the gospel never
change, but we must reach out to those in
need, not in churchie connotations, flowery
teach, or in ancient speech, but in the street
language that they speak, with Jesus preached.
In some denominational arenas preaching to
the choir has reached incestuous proportions,
with the stroking of pastoral egos, and
compet-ing heroes, creating a stale, suicidal
death march, where 'go ye' has been replaced
with 'feed me', the pendulum should swing,
but never to extremes.

It is imperative that we have the courage to
free-up the Holy Ghost, breaking the bonds of
rigidly formatted worship, and put trust in the
Lord. After all, it is His Spirit, His body,
His plan, His will; we must take our eyes
off of us, and simply line Him up in front!

We've lost our integration point with the final
reality. Like a ship without a rudder, the masses
aimlessly-flailing, courting suicidal drowning.
Even many believers have their proverbial head in
the grind, and can't see the starry skies for the
sand in their eyes.

Whatever happened to just passing through?
So many in the body need the super-glue
removed. The veil between life and death is
thinner than the next breath taken, quicker
realized than a hummingbird's blinking wings.
The portal opening is more assured than the
poor's wishful pleading, but we remain clinging as
if this earthly shell will never be relinquished.

Like the monkey trapped by his supposed need,
hand grasping in the bottle with greed, and
freedom simply in the release, yet hanging on
defiantly frenzied, we simply can't see the King
for the glittering nose ring. Passionate
possessions on this fleeting, ageing rock that we
travel across, declare that our lips and our brain
don't line up  the same.
Who Will Mourn?

Cowardly appeasers are in denial:
Proclaiming that rhetorical arrows
Can stop Mohammed's awful vile.
Advanced evolutionary excitement,
Propels imaginary puffed-up Triton
To an Illusionary quantum enlighten,
Deluding the utopian god-like mind:
That's scaled the peaks of mankind,
And, now, looking down on Mt. Zion,
Echoing the quintessential deceiver,
Posed and roaring as a mighty lion!
The Trojan Horse, laughingly, snorts:
Who will mourn democracy's best,
When all its grandeur is torn of sorts,
And Sharia court is hope's last resort?

The natural branch is back,
Although blinded by His Act;
Mistrusted and maligned
By many western sects;
A democratic island,
Surrounded by a sea of swords,
Disdained by distant cousins,
Hated by Islamic hordes:
An eye sore
On Mohammed's shore.
The Star raised in Forty-eight,
Was thought to be
An impossible chore,
But what Has  followed:
Is a billion bitter pills swallowed.

Europe puts stock in the speeches
That are made to the West,
But wise men hear what's said
To those that protest
In the language they possess;
Never ignoring the blood curdling
That atrocity is encouraging.
Israel's decision to surrender land,
Proved the true heart's desire
Of the Palestinian band:
Through evil endeavors,
They spoiled the peaceful plan.

Monarchs and dictators
Come together to collaborate,
Whipping up the flames
Of hatred and discontent,
Deflecting attention away
From their own tent.
Jihad brings world wide sorrow,
Killing thousands in an hour,
And in the twinkling of an eye,
The world turned sour,
As suicidal terrorist attacks,
Initiate national identifying pacts.

Afghanistan is bombarded,
Al Qaeda disheartened,
The Taliban brokenhearted,
And Iraq may be parted.
North Korea has pulled
The nuclear pin,
And Iran's heart is full of sin.
We are approaching the end
Of the principle of MAD,
As terrorists seek WMD
To do us bad.
So what remains to be seen:
Is if the world powers that be,
Can live under a new paradigm,
Yet to be achieved?
Ramifications of Sin

People need to understand
That sin destroys the soul of man,
Strips the red earth,
Contaminating the land;
Bringing pain, anxiety and misery.
Like adultery it dismantles
The continuity of the family,
Breaking the bonds of trust and unity.
Look at single parent homes,
So many kids being raised alone,
Too many missing fathers,
Society hitting on only four cylinders.
The 21st century finds man crowning
His elite moron head,
And about to create
His very own identical twin.
Having advanced to the summit of ken.
Now humanity has its finger
On the genetic, biological, & nuclear pin.
Such technological advancement
In only one century,
Does not fair well for humanity;
Given that the ancient curse of greed,
jealousy, ego and pride has changed
So little throughout all our history.
If You Should Follow

If by chance, I should depart before He arrives,
Excited will be my eyes as they truly come alive,
Seeing with spiritual clarity for the very first time;
Superluminal thinking with my brand new mind,
The Heavenly host is beautiful and incredibly kind.

Don't weep for me, this is an amazing site,
God is awesome and heaven is a fantastic delight;
No way do I want to go back to that pale light,
Humanity grasping at shadows that are spied,
And limited by those two bounded oval eyes!

I am astounded at the holy procession of Christ,
Marveling at the throng, kneeling before his might;
Radiating beauty beyond the hue of mortal sight,
Royal priesthood of believers scaling great heights,
No more pain, fear or sorrow and death is a lie.

Besides did you know that I always wanted to fly?
Now, I can soar through the majestic celestial sky.
My dear, you may follow over to my side,
Where God's design is breathtakingly divine,
But I must decline to cross back over that line.
Intelligent  Design

The intellectual elite consider it biblical hype,
They deny the essential elements as trivialized,
Missing out on the greatest story of history realized.
Curiosity prompts interrogation of space and time,
The monkey's uncle assumes truth is rooted in the lie.
The Word claims Elohim by divine fiat forms the light,
Contrarian opinions require a measure of faith to drive.
Skeptics strain to recognize, producing a heavenly sigh,
But to the body, the marvelous handiwork testifies,
As the scarlet thread is manifested through the Israelites;
A paradoxical equation then the baby cries.
Angelic rulers anxiously oversee high above the skies,
Watching the Prince of Peace be betrayed by a spy;
Love transcending sense, the spear penetrating the side,
Blood dripping from the piercing of the utmost high,
Ironically absorbed into the dust from which we abide;
Anomalous interaction, perplexing question - Why?
That the creature will endlessness radiate with eternal life,
A fellowship of interaction, where our sight forever shines.
Reality was, is, and shall ever be, designed by Jesus Christ.
Who Was He?

Jesus Christ was not a superstar,
He is the one that hung the stars,
Jesus Christ was not just a man,
He is the incarnate God -Man,
Jesus Christ was not just a prophet,
He is the one that fulfilled prophecy,
Jesus Christ was not just born,
He preexisted from time immemorial,
Jesus Christ was not just a good man,
He lived without sin, the perfect Holy-Man,
Jesus Christ was not just a religious figure,
He is the one that holds all things together,
Jesus Christ was not just one among wise men,
He is the storehouse of all ken,
Jesus Christ did not come the first time to reign,
He came to break the bonds of sway and to persuade,
Jesus Christ did not just cry out in pain,
He became that which He disdained,
Jesus Christ was never a cheat,
He hung on a cross between two thieves,
Jesus Christ was not just murdered,
He came on a mission of eternal purposes,
Jesus Christ's body did not remain in that grave,
He shook the earth and broke the chains,
Jesus Christ did not just conveniently disappear,
He walked among the five hundred ministering there,
Jesus Christ did not just vanish into thin air,
He ascended into heaven while witnesses glared,
Jesus Christ did not depart in despair,
He left in glory, going away to prepare,
Jesus Christ will not forget his heirs,
He knows everyone who clings to Him in prayers,
And He is coming again to wipe away all their tears.
The Howl of Unbelief

Where was God when the towers fell,
Was the loud howl for the story to tell.
How could a loving God possibly allow,
Echoed throughout the hallowed ground?
Forgetting that He had already been disallowed,
And the Times declared God dead anyhow;
Elevating mankind to heights of self-ordained deity,
But calamity reminds humanity,
Just  how limited is their divinity,
A crushing blow to post modernist's sanity,
Temporarily passing the buck to a higher authority,
Essentially questioning free autonomy,
Blaming God, contradicts with dichotomy.
And when impropriety restores the throne room theme,
The advanced evolutionary creature will have begotten Eve,
Pandora's box opened, will bring unimaginable grief,
And the cycle will repeat with the flip flop of the seat.
The Lamb and the Lion

The first time, He came as a servant in disguise,
Although the angels announced His arrival,
And the babe came to earth divinely titled,
There was no mighty army that ensued,
Nor the insignia of earthly royalty giving proof.
While Jesus gave essential clues to His fulfilling truth,
The tribe misunderstood the prophetic crux,
Suspending His throne above the world in crucifixion,
Giving no visible sign of his glorification;
The Lamb crowned with puncturing thorns,
Disciples questioning why He had ever been born,
The Romans mocked and cast lots for His cloak,
Having Nailed him to that foreordained oak,
Toasting his kingship by offering bitter herbs;
Manifest destiny hanging between heaven and earth.

But next time,

He will come as the mighty conquering Lord,
Having thrown off the garment stained with scorn;
His heavenly nature trumpeted, gloriously adorned,
The Lion of the tribe of Judah has been restored;
Son of Man on a white horse with flaming eyes of torch,
Celestial hosts rejoice as He brings with Him His reward,
The throng of redeemed return with him in support,
Enemies destroyed by the brightness of His sword,
Demons retreat in fear of the horror they will absorb.
His throne is established and ruled with sovereign accord,
Attired in a majesty robe, acknowledged and adored,
Honored with a one of kind crown, cheered by the reborn.
Unbelief will flee his presence when the King retorts,
Every heart that has ever ticked a beat will hit the knee,
Acknowledging the savior and creator of the grand scheme;
Each and every thought or deed paraded for all to see,
Eternal life in the balance, to be, or not to be?
Angels celebrate with acclaim, exalting His name,
And the saints will forever praise, gain knowledge and reign.
Brand New Day

The dawning brings fresh discovery and exposure,
Glittering reflections sparkle with mystery's disclosure.
Grassy rolling fields do a beautiful synchronized wave,
Trees bunched up together, applaud the morning rays.
A new born calf bawling, echoes the brand new day,
The bucking colt snorting, decides to rolls in the hay.
A proud father shows his young son how to fly a kite,
Scissor - Tails make a fuss, putting a Raven to flight,
Robin's sing as mother nature mimics an angelic choir,
Love squeezes every ounce of joy out of each hour.
It makes the vocal cords want to scream and shout!
For heaven's sake don't anyone think to pout,
Come on now join me in a dance with many sounds.
Can't you see the fabulous wonder that surrounds?
Give the glory to the divine universe Maker,
After all, it is His magnificent little green acre,
And He is the one and only God - Creator.
There is no one in all eternity who is greater,
That is responsible for holding everything together,
Thankfully making our burdens light as a feather,
The returning Redeemer and our glorious Savior.
Is there any question as to Who deserves the measure?

Time plus space plus chance,
Equals modern man's take on happenstance.
There's pretty much any accepted theory on origins,
Except for the most likely which is intelligence.
Even probability says that begs penitence,
But the faith of the politically correct scientist,
Approaches the zeal of the religious fundamentalist;
That insistence that Occam's Razor prevents divine guidance,
Is an example of  evolutionary fraudulence,
And relying on the crutch of Hobson's preference,
So they don't have to deal with the significance,
Which is a challenge to their sacrosanct hypothesis.
The truth is, it takes a measure of faith either analysis,
And in the end, to a large extent, it depends,
On exactly what your world synthesis portends.
~Resistance is Futile~

If  roses are red and violets are blue,
Offends someone and can get removed,
Then the politically correct voodoo,
Determines what has become taboo,
Makes no difference how big the boo-boo,
The collective elite's diverse taste,
Will have established the new found faith,
And woe to those who should resist such a fate,
To have the audacity to actually cause an ache,
Heaven help anyone making such a mistake!
Terry Presgrove is a long time bible student, freelance writer and poet. Strangely, he did not begin writing  
poetry until after 9/11/01 The surprise attack on America jolted him to the depths of his soul. After a near
decade long spiritual struggle, the prodigal son returned to his spiritual roots, and began to write poetry for
the first time. Since December of 2001 he has written over one hundred and eighty poems.
Praise - Worship
These Last Days
~Take Dead Aim~

It is not our place to put the blame
Anywhere within His glorious domain
Our job is to take dead aim
And each day set out to proclaim

There is nothing on earth for us to claim
We're Just passing through this frame
Remember how humble He came
We are to do the same

Do not seek earthly fame
And there will be no shame
Let the divine Flame
Bring healing in His name

Even when we are in pain
It is added to our gain
And Because He was slain
A great host shall reign

Abstain from the mundane
And He shall sustain the precious rain
Pray often to ascertain
And refrain from those who feign

Some will constantly complain
Others try their best to maintain
Pastors will preach and explain
Pointing the body to the ultimate attain

And whether on a plane over Spain
Or riding a train through Maine
The word remains just as plain
His grain runs deep through the vein
~ Regardless ~

In the darkness of night
Or the brightest daylight

Being rich or poor
An opened or closed door

Flat of your back
Or flat out running down the track

Solid as a log
Or thick as fog

Scaling the mountain top
Or in the valley at a dead stop

Riding a camel in the Sahara desert
Or experiencing ice cream for dessert

Fighting bulls in Spain
Or crossing a meadow in Maine

A new born babe
Or old uncle Abe

Happy or sad
Being good or bad

Got the flu
Or don't have a clue

The maker is always there
And can be reached through prayer

He knows every hair
And will set matters square

We're just passing through
Nothing here to accrue

Might as well remove the glue
Cause you can't take it with you

~ Wish I'd Listened Then ~

Sitting on the front porch rock n' my chair,
Trying to doze off without a care,
Just like any other day to compare,
Kids making a racket on the stairs.

The neighbors are barbecuing with their usual flare,
A red kite is sailing high in the air,
The wife walks by fidgeting with her hair,
Says, "a great day to go to the fair!"

Then an unseen, shocking, shattering affair,
Suddenly found myself playing solitaire,
Completely caught off guard unaware,
"Good heavens! Why I am so scared?"

There was no warning, not even a blare,
The earth didn't move or declare,
But allot of  vehicles needed repair,
And now, I'm in agonizing despair.

My family has vanished into thin air,
And all that remains is an empty stare,
At their clothes on the ground over there,
Which is far too much burden to bear.

They tried hard to make me aware,
Warning me all the time to beware,
But all I would do is glare,
Or poke fun at them with a dare.

And all those crazy folks that went to church on Square,
Turned out they had a hold of the glory and are heirs.
All I can seem to do is sit in this chair,
Reflecting on my terrible err.

Of late, I have sought out the covenant pair,
Often bowing my head in much prayer,
Fighting back those anguishing tears,
Wishing I had partaken in the shares.

Waiting on the brand,
Crying everyday for this land,
Knowing I have to take a stand,
There is a line drawn in the sand.

Though the Homeland defense may demand,
I cannot go against God's command,
Nothing can thwart His divine plan,
Which was destined before time began.

These days, there is very little sleeping,
But allot of night time pleading,
My heart is broken and bleeding,
The truth unveiled in Scripture reading.

"They're coming for us soon," says the tip,
Because we won't take the chip,
They want to change our zip,
Move us to a new camp down the strip.

Some have already been whipped,
Others tortured and stripped,
I have got to get a grip,
And be ready to take this trip.

The whole world is in turmoil,
Skyrocketing price of oil,
Crazy diseases and fresh water spoils
As the heat of the sun cooks and boils.

There has been a shake up in the heavens,
The earth wobbles under the weight of a series of sevens,
These times and seasons are a leaven of terror,
And a blood red moon becomes the color bearer.

The restless roaring of the ocean waves,
A multitude of people becoming de facto slaves,
Millions have already gone to their grave,
But the media raves about the future he will save.

Saying, "this new leader is brilliant and astute,
He has all the answers and powers to boot,"
The problem is, I know the truth,
There's No way I can eat the fruit.

It looks like the end of line,
The trucks are starting to align,
Wish I'd listened back then to the signs,
And I wouldn't be here being attacked and maligned.

Hanging on like a naked stem in a strong wind,
If only, I had confessed that I'd sinned,
A hard headed man left behind,
Tragically for choosing to remain blind.

I've got keep my nose to the grind,
Try not to lose my mind,
Nearing the final epic battle for mankind,
And then the whole world will be refined.

Only now do I fully comprehend,
We're closing in to that rendezvous with a friend,
Lord give us the strength to see this through to the end,
Our Father in heaven, into thy hands our spirits we commend.

God's grace saturates the atmosphere
It's in every breath of life giving air
That the lungs take in and bear
Royally covering the heart of each heir

This unmerited favor makes us aware
Of just how much he really cares
And the cost of this divine affair
Jolts with a sobering painful tear

His word steadfastly declares
Because of His sacrifice we shall share
In the glory that He went away to prepare
When He returns to set things square

There's absolutely nothing that can compare
To this divine love that He laid bare
Presently sitting in the right hand chair
The Royal King to whom the trumpets blare
~ Hidden On A Shelf ~

In the garden scene the serpent crawled,
Adam and Eve were deceived then enthralled.
They hid themselves in the trees and bawled,
Fearful that their names would be called.

Today the advanced evolutionary creature
Laughs and pokes fun at the preacher,
Returning full circle to the original feature,
Boasting equality with the divine teacher.

The antediluvian delusion repeating itself,
With short term memory truth is hidden on a shelf;
Heads high in the clouds blinded by themselves,
De facto quantum leaping pays homage to oneself.

In a matter of months knowledge is doubling,
Humanity's ascension is more than troubling,
Out of control science and morally corrupt,
This god's reign can only lead us bankrupt.
~ Knock At The Door ~

The starry host above, flickers with a tint,
Stretching out across the heavens bent,
The immeasurable expanse of God's tent;
No telescope can count or make a dent
In the infinite numbers they represent.

In the beginning by divine fiat came the light,
But the grasshopper sees only its nose's plight,
So the blade of grass bows to the roll of the dice,
And mankind's worth is no more than white rice,
According to this advanced evolutionary advice.

Amazingly, the extent science will go to ignore
The obvious diagnosis that sticks out like a sore.
Intelligent design is by far the closest to the core,
The most acceptable interpretation of the facts in store,
Even the skeptic could hear that knock at the door.
~ The Lie ~

There was a time when no court would dare demand
Certainly no one had the courage to command
That the Ten Commandments be banned
As the Constitution was there for all to understand

Today those who wear the royal robes
Have sold out the founding fathers for a pose
Based merely on the presuppositional suppose
Intending to change history with a single blow

Spreading the lie that the public square
Can without prejudice stay nakedly bare
A vacuum exists only in space and it's a grave err
To think that neutrality will sit in humanity's chair

1Corinthians 13 states that all human
knowledge is imperfect, and transient.
But Faith, Hope, and Love are Eternal.
And the greatest of these is love.

~ Love ~

Love is always patient and kind,
When faced with our faults it is blind.
Love is never in a jealous bind,
Nor does it take on a boasting mind.

Love does not insist on its own way.
It will not lead astray.
Love can never betray,
And will not accept pay.

Love is not arrogant or rude;
It cannot whine and brood,
Neither will love cause a feud,
And finds it impossible to exclude.

Love is saddened by the wrong of things,
But rejoices when goodness springs.
Love takes us under her wings,
And carries us away as she sings.

Through all things love will bear,
Refusing to lose hope and despair.
Love will forever declare,
Things that are not as though they are there.

Love shall cling to believe,
And will not deceive,
Carrying its load daily with each heave,
Promising for all eternity never to leave.
~ Faith ~
Everyone trusts on the mountain top height,
But what about in the blackest hole of the night?
It is there that faith grasp hold of the faintest sight,
And Illuminates our path through the painful plight.

It is only in the darkness of the tomb's contrite,
Where doubt comes face to face with fright,
That we are refined in the fiery tests of a fight;
Brought to a place where the soul can see the light.

From the Spirit within comes the ignite,
Lifting us up to an unheard of level of excite,
Bringing joy beyond our imagination's invite,
And the certainty of that future celestial flight.

This side of heaven, we wait as the bride,
Emptying the soul of all the narcissistic pride,
Giving the Holy Spirit free reign in our abide,
Filled to overflowing, each day to self  we died.
According to Hebrews 11:1 [NIV]
Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and
certain of what we do not see.
Revised 03/16/12
~ Fear Not! ~

Jehovah sits on the most high throne,
Our shelter in every storm that has blown,
Hearing all petitions and the slightest groan,
And there is never a time that He leaves us alone.

If God be for us, who can stand against the known?
What enemy would dare cast a stone
Against the Almighty's precious own,
Only fools would come against His atoned.

Though predators attack their prey all around,
There is nothing for us to fear from the sound.
We shall trample on the bones of beasts that surround
When His holy angels grind them into the ground.

Though divisions fall to our front and to the flanks,
Thousands upon thousands in our very own ranks,
And the enemy is dug in with armor and heavy tanks,
Yet not a penny is stolen from our allotted time banks.

So give it to the one that is in charge of the hour,
He triumphs with omnipotent awesome power,
Easily toppling the foe's stronghold towers,
The enemy runs away in fear and cowers.

The Lord laughs at the traps of His foe,
With incredible power he pulls back His sovereign bow,
The missile flies straight to the invader's soul,
And evil purposes are demolished by the fatal blow.

The Ancient of Days carries a mighty powerful sword,
And He is the one that has established this accord;
When trouble advances, simply call upon the Lord,
And you will live a long life and receive your reward.

Jehovah God knows those that love Him,
And in times of peril He will rescue them.
His salvation promises not to condemn;
This comes from the word of the great I Am.
Psalm 91 has always been a stalwart chapter of
inspiration to lean on for men at war. Here is my
meager attempt at putting its principles to rhyme.
~ Awesome Wonders ~

Swirling satin sheets of gold,
Wrap around the space time fold,
Set on stars of twinkling pearl,
Watching mysteries unfurl,
As ten thousand angels whirl,
Stirring galaxies that twirl.

The Heavenly choir resounds
All across the celestial bounds,
And Seraphim's dance around
Awesome wonders that surround.
Radiant beauty abounds,
And the pulsating heart pounds.
~ Divine Design ~

The beginning came by the divine,
And before there was even time,
There existed an unseen design.
Humans eye shadowy figurines
Of the heavenly - invisible scenes,
And what is obviously obscene,
Is to think that it's a random machine.

The creator of all that is visible,
(The universe that is incomprehensible),
Stepped out of the mystical - invisible,
(The place that is hidden, but indispensable,
Where all of God's purposes are indivisible,
And existence is eternal and not temporal),
Into a manger scene in the visible - Israel.

He came to those who were His own,
But they looked on Him as unknown,
So He became a stumbling stone,
For His mission on earth was to atone,
Which He fulfilled on the cross alone,
But death had no power to postpone,
His sitting at the right hand on the throne.
Love - Agape
Day by Day
Faith and Hope
Enlightened Life

Faith is the substance
Of things hoped for
It is not seen in a glance
Nor is it by chance
That it opens the door
To a glory downpour

Faith is not a mere shadow
For it sets life aglow
It is not less than sight
For it shines sparkling bright
Above the spectrum of light
More brilliant than snow-white

Sight can only see
The outward bark of the tree
The external form of things
But faith digs deep into the rings
That which is the very core
And frees our spirit to soar

God loves us far beyond
Our ability to comprehend
Only through faith can we know
That at His feet our volition bends
And our gaze ascends
It's then that our life transcends

The treasure is in the heart
Where by faith He imparts
His power that gives life
To overcome all the strife
Because He paid the price
Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ
Paradigm Shift

Find a point on a line
That the scientific mind
Can comprehend in time
And start the paradigm

Then reverse the ascend
And search for the begin
What is found will offend
The Darwinian  Zen

Hitting the boundary of rote
Discovers random cannot vote
Penetrate, circumvent or scale
The insurmountable veil

Facing the rusty old nail
Reason is unwilling to bail
Evolution's Holy Grail
From the myth in a fantasy tale
~ This Time ~

He's not coming back
To win a Wimbleton Cup
Or  wear a Super Bowl ring,
This time.

He's not coming back
To compete in a PGA
Or to fly out to LA,
This time.

He's not coming back
To give an interview on Nightline
Or to get His picture on the cover of Time,
This time.

He's not coming back
As a babe in a manger
Or to join the US Rangers,
This time.

He's not coming back
To be hanged on a cross
Or to be spit on and bossed,
This time.
~ Hang On Boldly ~

In the present race,
We cannot by faith
Reach face to face,
But we can grasp hold
Of His magnificent glory,
And hang on boldly
Till the end of the story.
~ The Promise ~

Blessed beyond the skill to reason,
It matters not what the season,
His mercy made provision,
And the cross was the decision.
Once and for all time,
He died for all mankind,
For those who were once blind,
And have accepted the lifeline.
I am convinced
That neither height nor depth,
The present or the future,
Life or death,
Angel above or darkness below,
Will be able to separate us
From God's caress,
Which is Jesus Christ,
The one who sacrificed;
At the right hand restored,
Our precious Lord,
The mighty King
Who has redeemed!
Scripture reference : Romans 8:37-39
Isaiah 60: 19-20

~ No More Tears ~

Your sun will never set,
Or the moon cast a silhouette,
For the Lord is the forever light
That will wrap us heavenly white,
And no tears will ever again bite,
Having gone the way of the night.
1 Corinthians 2:9
The Heavenly Promise

Eye has not seen
No ear has heard
Or the mind conceived
All the wonderful things
That God has perceived
For the love that believes
God Cares!
( Psalms 56:8 )

When Heaven's light shines through,
And the angels sing what's true,
We shall find that He always knew;
Keeping track of our every toss
And turn through the sleepless nights,
Each tear dropped into His bottle,
Each ache written in His book.
(Psalms 148)

Praise the LORD!

Shout praises to the LORD!
Shout the LORD's praises
In the outermost edges of the space time ages.
All who set in the Counsel of the most high,
All the angels, all who serve Him above,
And creature below, come and offer praise.
Sun and moon, supernova's, white stars,
Quasars and all of you bright stars
From every galaxy, come and offer praise!
Highest heavens, and mysteries beyond
Hubble's gaze, come and offer praise.
From the great whales of the deep sea
To the loftiest magnificent soaring eagles,
All creatures come and offer praise!
Let nature sing the LORD's praises,
Fire and hail, snow and ice,
And every stormy wind;
All mountains and hills,
And nature's breath taking thrills,
Every animal, all reptiles and birds,
Cattle and herds come praise the LORD!
Let every president and ruler,
All nations where the sun gives light,
Every man, woman, and child,
Come praise and give the LORD delight!
The LORD as a zealous warrior,
Protects those who pursue His call,
And the glory of God is greater than all
That has been or ever will be seen by man.
Shout praises to Adonai,
The all sufficient El Shaddai,
Let everything that has breath
Praise His wondrous name, the mighty king,
The LORD of hosts, creator of every thing!
The Awesome! And Everlasting Mighty God!
~ We Need To Die ~

We need to die
And Jesus rise
For us to be alive!
~ Great Truths ~

Great truths for all to hear
Come from the trickling tears,
Not the laughter and cheers.
It is pain and deep sorrow
That refine the human soul,
Test our courage to be bold
In the depths of the blackhole;
That's where faith grasps a hold!
Just Like Any Other Day

I'm Cruising along, singing a celebration song,
listening to 'Third Day' proclaim with praise.
But suddenly there is an ear piercing ringing,
the sky is splitting. Is that a horn I am hearing?
I must be dreaming? Twisting with a hard pinch,
but there is no stinging. Below, my car, is a run-
away speeding. In shock, my heart is pleading:
what's this? Wow! I can fly? I can fly! I can fly!!
Myriads are lifting above me; sweeter tunes have
never been exhumed, nor melodies serenaded.

Where did I get this robe that's shining white?
Life is magnified exponentially by His light;
the nearer His presence, the brighter the rainbow,
the deeper the hue, the sweeter the sound,
the more alluring the aroma. His majestic beauty
abounds; osmotic assimilation: the mind becomes
a soaking sponge, drinking knowledge in gulps,
thinking faster than ever achieved. Glory, glory
to the King, who I can see. I can see! I can see!!

Angelic creatures prance in the air with dance.
Heaven ignites, showering the iris with delight.
The sweet savor of bouquet's soaring romance,
swims within the quantum senses enhanced;
Speed of thought traversing, creates arrival before
the notion finishes nursing. In the twinkle of an eye,
All the joy in Zion can be simultaneously partaken;
and the saint's elated embraces are never mistaken.

Indescribable deliciousness, only now can be appre-
ciated by the glorified: even the most sublime choc-
olate tastes a bit boorish in this realm. Emotional
tumultuousness is nonexistent. Celestial communi-
cations exceed  the old flesh and blood capacity  
to interrelate. Euphoric exhilaration far transcends
the sierra joy of the earthly-corporeal integration.

At the Master's glorious feet - nothing else matters;
joining with believers whose pardon was received,
and participating in the divine forever fellowship
as the prophetic agape' oneness is achieved;
In unison on our knees, squeezing my set of  
mansion keys, and awed by the Celestial breeze,
yet to still be me, an individual He died for,
is enough to keep yours truly busy for all eternity:
singing His praises, and soaking in His unbound-
ing expressions of divine love -  receiving the
never ending comprehension of His essence.
The grandeur of all that is made by His hand,
simply fades into insignificance beside Him.

What started just like any other day,
has turned into a wonderful new Way!!
Does Anyone Remember When?

Does anyone remember back when:
Dinner always began with amen,
We all relished in the simple rhyme,
And life was a jolly, naive, time;

A first date kiss was a bit risque',
Everyone loved the latest cliche',
You could hear the bells on Santa's sleigh,
And our heroes would never betray;

A time when the thought of being gay,
Was a wholesome, cheerful, joyful, way,
And when the young children were at play,
You never feared they would become prey;

Each morning the pledge we would say,
Everyone bowed their heads and prayed;
Never thought to be a line of gray,
There was no seperation per se;

Lunch pails were filled by a mother hen,
And our family lived in the den;
Nobody gave a hoot about Zen,
For we knew that Jesus did ascend.
~ To Be Or Not To Be ~

Having reached that dark place
Of uttermost anguish,
Crying out in the void,
Appearing only to languish,
Where hope is a forgotten language,
And no family or friend
Can bring you a crown,
Or form a smile from your frown.
Tears are overflowing rivers
Of tormented hurt
That stream down to the starving dirt,
Mingling with the red mother earth,
Igniting microbe life to sprout and surge,
Ironically quenching the seed's thirst
With the dynamic energy of a new birth,
Signifying the incredible power
Of God working in the church.
The gut-wrenched weeping
Of the repentant broken heart,
Focuses the life saving search,
And Eternal life is imparted
At the foot of the birch.

But those who reject the notion
Sadly remain totally inert,
Deaf to the exploding creative burst,
Their senses dulled in a narcissistic quirk,
Whipsawed by every knee jerk,
Missing the greatest historic discovery:
That truth lies outside
Of the self absorbing experience,
In the one and only person
Who has fulfilled divine manifest destiny,
Revealing the universe's greatest mystery:
The scarlet thread
Weaved back through antiquity,
Not just another upper story epiphany,
But an established litany,
Of documented hands on authenticity,
Catapulting lives to great heights
as revealed in the annals of history;
Continuing life changing testimonials
In the space time legacy,
Culminate in His promised return,
And glorious anticipated victory!
Just A Sliver

Where have all the ages gone?
Time no longer shakes hands with the dawn,
both have danced with the foregone.
The celestial sky is always bright,
forever energized by Jesus Christ.
Heaven perpetually smiles with a fresh greet;
an aeon is a single heart beat
that has no need to borrow,
and the future is never a quarrel;
no more worry, pain or sorrow,
For God instills His divine viewpoint,
So there's  never  concern for a tomorrow.

Forever-Love means so much more,
As the sexual will not get in the way
of the bonding like before.
There will be a new ecstasy that transcends
the human frailty to comprehend.
It's so much greater than what the man can now endure,
that it would be as night and day apart:
atop Mount Everest looking down on the great deep,
smiling at the difference between
the present oneness we keep,
and the universal union that all the body will reap.

The heavenly experience overwhelms.
His human spirit is baptized at the highest realms;
Being without the ticking of the clock
as true knowledge is being unlocked;
a Love shower that is far beyond
the man's ability to absorb.
Limitations he has in this sphere
hinder the legitimacy of the reality,
but, nonetheless, it will come to him
when the Master imparts immortality.

It is just a sliver of what is promised
that he tastes this night.
There is so much more to come:
A majestic river, that flows mysteriously,
will pour down on him in waves,
and waves that no one can bare
in this frail, earthly, frame.
But the time is short, and soon
he will join with others set aflame,
sharing in eternity's timeless heist,
where imagination is forever driven
by the fueling grace of Jesus Christ.
Updated: 03/15/12
The Greatest Mystery

Out of nothing He fashioned the awesome universe
Stretching out the galactic canvas that He composed
But the greatest mystery that's in the bible verse
Is the God of creation wrapped up in swaddling clothes

He stepped out of eternity into a manger
Unimaginable light drowned in love by a stranger
Never once giving thought to His own pleasure
He became our flesh and blood  redeeming exchanger
All the poetry presented here was written by your's
Time is Relative

Time is relative.
Time is all encompassing.
Time wakes us up,
and tucks us in at night.
Time tells us when we're hungry,
and marches us to work.
Time starts our journey,
and cries foul
when we overstay our welcome.
Time marks the first whimper,
and bemoans the last groan.
Time will never end
until the last trumpet's roar,
Then, and only then,
will time be no more.
~ Only You ~

Oceans may separate
Politicians will exasperate
Ideology can seek to isolate
Only You have the power to generate

Nothing causes me to cease
The quintessential yearning won't release
Another can't unlock the peace
Only You have access to the keys

Not time or space
Though others may try to make a case
But no one will ever take your place
Only You can challenge for the race

Neither height nor depth
Being rich or in debt
Even life or death
Only You can give breath
~A Wondrous Thing~

Come on now, put those worries to rest,
His love has already surpassed the test,
He went away to prepare His glorious best,
And the flock awaits the gathering at His bequest.

Every mission conceives a crown for each disposition,
Our nature sanctified by his omniscient volition,
Let His finger point you in the right direction,
Providence has a pre-arranged dial-up connection.

Whether far away on a foreign battlefield,
Or strolling along in a rolling grassy field,
Who can extend life one second by self  will,
Or know if they will make it up the next hill?

Residing at home, calmly sleeping in our bed,
Or dangling from a cleft, hanging by a thread,
We the partakers of the communion bread,
Hit our knees, bowing under His divine head.

Snuggle, closely, underneath His mighty wings,
Who would ever dare come against His offspring?
Open wide the spout, let the people shout and sing!
It's about time for the golden harps to ring!

Glory Hallelujah to the mighty king!
To the one that turns icy - winter into spring,
And forever flings to hell death's sting,
Can anyone truly imagine such a wondrous thing
Rapturous Glory!

The sun sets on the old man and the Son's rays shine
on the new dawn in brand new ways: Adorning with
a wonderful praise-knitted shawl of brilliant heavenly
glistening, sewn together with sparkling needles of
indescribable kinetic-energy; overflowing, flooding
sensory perception with  pure unadulterated celestial
ecstasy. Brilliant colors never before seen, bath in the
spectrum lake, and the iris, illuminated, is showered
with His majestic countenance. Fragrant bouquets
from undiscovered lands raise the olfactory glands to
mountainous levels of uncharted realms. The joyous
sounds of dancing notes sail to an angelic scale,
igniting and exciting the nucleus of our new shell.
Emotion is driven beyond  the power of locomotion.
Goose bumps tiering from volcanic eruptions lift the
soul to heights untold; the senses magnified to the
umpteenth glorified, and in the midst of the ineffable,
there is a peace that transcends the comprehensible.
~ God's Pleasure~

A thunder clap applauds the maker
As those feasting toast the baker
And the farmer plows the acre
So that many can be a partaker

The good and the bad share the same air
Climbing the identical winding stairs
Although at times it may seem unfair
God knows the heart that really cares

Those who have faith have the right thing
They are rich far beyond any earthly king
Swimming in the praises that they bring
Souls bathing in the eternal spring

No man can steal their treasure
God has secured the full measure
Because the creature gives Him pleasure
As it is written in the ledger
~ The End Of The Age ~

The earth will shake,
Some will escape,
Signs in the heavens,
And a series of sevens,

Beating hearts will fail,
Looking up at the veil,
The roaring seas toss and wail,
Mankind shutters in travail,

Evil springs from hidden wells,
Terrorists attack from their cells,
Nations align in cartels,
Inaugurating the prophetic tells,

The man of sin heralded on the stage,
Lucifer's hoard released from their cage,
Nearing the end of the age,
And Satan doth rage,

Death on a catastrophic scale,
Blood moons prevail,
The earth tilts on it's rails,
Disrupting the prince of Wales,

Every eye shall see His sign in the sky,
The remnant anticipates His abide by,
As His feet touch down on the mountain high,
Lightning flashes thundering a mighty sigh,

All the continents are moved,
The lion of the tribe of Judah approves,
As the adversaries receive their due,
And the Messianic reign will debut,

The armies come down against Jerusalem,
At Megiddo the battle will ensue,
But in the twinkling of an eye, they shall all be
When Jesus Christ returns, and the Davidic rule

Then the world will be renewed,
Nations shall seek out the Jew,
Satan will be subdued,
Until a thousand years say adieu.
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